Jose do Rego first tumbled onto the stage and our hearts in 1992. Coming from the sunny sea side city of Cape Town, South Africa this joker started performing at the young age of 11.

Under the watchful eye of Brent van Rensburg, Jose was one of the first members of the internationally renowned Zip-Zap Circus School.  Here he learned the various acts that have made him so popular on stage. From acrobatics to trapeze he showed himself to be a natural. It was also here that he discovered a love of the stage that has never left him and also his passion for comedy.

From the most southern tip of Africa to most northern part of Sweden, from Montreal to Shanghai he has performed. Across the world he has had audience laughing as he stumbles, falls and makes a complete fool of himself. A true master at bringing a smile to one’s face he has entertained young and old.

Apart from his solo work, he was also part of the acrobatic comedy duo “The Joka Boys” from 2003 to 2013.He is an experienced and consummate performer, a dedicated professional and a gifted clown.José is a boon to any production and will always be a great benefit to a show.

Show Highlights:
Cirque Phenix Production “Cirkacuba; 2016/2017”
Cirque Phenix Production “Xtra;2007” & “Les Plus Beaux Numeros Du Monde;2010”
Cirque Phenix Production “Cirafrika;2012” & “Cirkafrika2;2014”
Franco Dragone Production “KDO;2009”
Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde “2007 & 2010”
Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain “2007 & 2012”
Monte Carlo Circus Festival “2001”

Mi amigo Jose, a true artist of circus and life!” – Julien Posada Tightwire Artist

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